The Living Donor Institute At HackensackUMC

The demand for kidney transplantation continues to grow as the number of patients on the waiting list exceeds the number of available organs. Hackensack UMC transplant program has developed an institute to Help Living Donors and Recipients make the connection. The Institute is established to promote living donation as the best transplant option for patients with chronic kidney disease who are either on or approaching dialysis. The Transplant Center offers a comprehensive kidney transplant program which includes an increasing number of innovative living donation techniques available at only a few of the world’s leading transplant centers.

The Living Donation Process:

It is our goal that you are well informed and cared for during the entire donation process. From your first appointment through your aftercare we are here for you.

You or your recipient can be referred to us by your primary care physician or nephrologist. Or you can directly contact the Transplant Program for an appointment. Our number is (551) 996-2608.

Once we have been contacted, you will be scheduled to attend an education session and an evaluation appointment will be made.

Living Donors and Transplant candidates meet team members, talk with transplant recipients, and learn about kidney transplantation at a small informal education session.

Our team of surgeons, transplant physicians, nurse coordinators, dieticians, social workers and pharmacists work with both donor and recipient to optimize the care need for an optimal living donor related transplant.

After your evaluation appointment, you will be scheduled for several tests that are required to help ensure that transplant is an appropriate treatment for your kidney disease. These tests may include; X-rays, CT scans, heart tests and ultrasounds. Age/gender appropriate health maintenance tests such as a gynecological exam, mammogram, prostate exam and colonoscopy are also required as part of the transplant evaluation process.

Living Donation Options include:

Living Related Donor Transplantation

• Living Donor Kidney Exchange Program (patients who have a willing living donor that is not compatible to them)

• Altruistic Living Donation

Paired Exchange:

There are times when a living donor is incompatible with the intended recipient either because their blood types are not compatible or they have an incompatible crossmatch.

In the past, an incompatible pair had no alternative, and the potential recipient simply stayed on the deceased donor waitlist. Now it is possible for even incompatible pairs to enjoy the many benefits of living donation. Paired donation is an option that matches incompatible donor-recipient pairs with other pairs, and they “exchange” donors.

The Hackensack UMC Transplant Center offers paired exchange for all incompatible donor-recipient pairs in our center. We partnered with organizations to provide a larger pool of incompatible pairs for potential exchange transplants.

In the event you are not a compatible match or youare crossmatch positive PAIRED DONATION is an option. While you are waiting for a paired exchange from our affiliated registries we too will be looking at our incompatible pairs at HackensackUMCto see if there is another pair that you could potentially exchange. Click here to read about our recent paired exchange success story. 


Benefits of Living Donation

The live donor kidney is the best quality kidney.

• A living donor transplant will eliminate the long wait time on the national deceased donor waiting list.

• Living donation maximizes the chance for a recipient to receive a transplant before the need dialysis.

• Live donor kidneys last twice as long. Live donor kidneys transplanted today will function for an average of 20 years.

• The surgery can be timed for the optimal health of the recipient and for donor convenience.

• A willing donor receives tremendous emotional benefit by fulfilling their wish to donate.

Better Outcomes

The Kidney Transplant Program at HUMC has living donor survival rates that are better than or consistent with national averages. To learn more click here 

We look forward to working with you and your loved one toward a successful living donor transplant!

Call us today to make an appointment (551) 996-2608.


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