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Robotic Surgery at HackensackUMC

Minimally invasive surgical techniques allow surgeons to operate through very small incisions or existing body openings, rather than the large incisions that accompany traditional open surgery. When surgeons use conventional laparoscopic techniques, their field of vision, range of motion, and access to certain areas can be limited. Robotic surgery can lessen these barriers. And, it provides patients with a number of benefits, including:

  • More precise surgery

  • Reduced pain and trauma to the body

  • Less blood loss during surgery

  • Lower risk of infection

  • Shorter hospital stays

  • Less postoperative pain and discomfort

  • Less scarring

  • Faster recovery time

All robotic procedures are minimally invasive, but not all minimally invasive procedures are robotic. Depending on your condition and the type of surgery you need, you may have options regarding the surgical technique. Talk to your physician to see what options are right for you.


Clinical Trials Can Provide Access to Advanced Treatment

Clinical trials bring important advances out of the lab and into practice. It gives our patients access to treatments and technologies that they might otherwise have had to wait years for. Clinical trials may offer another option to some patients. Our active research program means that our surgeons are at the forefront of the very latest developments in medicine, providing scientific and clinical leadership to colleagues across the United States and around the world. Our deeply rooted commitment to a strong research program is one more way we are providing patients with world-class care.

By participating in research studies you may gain access to treatments that are not yet available and actively contribute to the next health discovery, which could help generations to come. For more information about volunteering for a research study, speak to your personal physician.



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